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Over 40+ Students have rated this course 4.9 stars on average

"I’ve taken a bunch of courses… but the difference in this course is the level of detail in this course. The info in the course is straight from his agency, the same agency that runs real campaigns for real clients. That’s what makes this so valuable. "  

  - PAUL

"[Shash] actually goes into an account and shows you what he’s doing in a day to day basis to scale a campaign, common mistakes, and so on. I’ve gotten incredible value so far. If you’re considering getting into YouTube ads, then absolutely get the course.”  



"I learned a lot of new things that I started implementing in my campaigns."


Went from spending 30k to 300k per month. Within my first year, we did about 1.5Million thanks to youtube ads

What Other Students Are Saying


"Training is phenomenal and has helped me land multiple accounts.  It's the most complete with the best content"


"Above and beyond the rest out there... the reason being that it's so technical and step by step."


"Launched my first successful campaign from day one, 2.5x ROAS.  The course was very easy to understand and follow.  Full of actionable step by step information."


Totally worth the money... Super in-depth. Far ahead of other facebook ads courses I have purchased

WARNING:  You Must Watch The Entire Video Before Booking A Call

Hey, Alex here

This will be different than other "strategy sessions" or "discovery calls" you may have taken online.


☑️  1. This is NOT a Sales Call. This is a demo session of our program. 

☑️  2.  You will be speaking with one of our YouTube ads specialists

☑️  3.  He will diagnose if this youtube ads course even makes sense for your specific business. This is an advanced and technical course, if your business is not ready for this next step with youtube ads, I will tell you.

It's super important you understand this because: 

☑️  1.  Filling out the app does not guarantee a scheduled demo. I only do a few calls a week for this. 90% of my work week is working on the agency and helping clients. I only reach out to 30% of applications that I feel will easily be helped by this course.

☑️  2.  We usually only talk with businesses/individuals that are willing to invest in their growth and have bought paid courses in the past. This is a premium course. It is the best and most advanced training on youtube ads out there.

If you are brand new to media buying or do not have a business doing at least 5k a month profit please do not book a call and take up a spot. 

This is a very high-level call and meant for veteran business owners and seasoned media buyers.

Finally...If you do not show up for your booked call or respond to emails you will NOT get a second chance.